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About Us

Our Mission

Starting in 1977, Crane Tech’s mission in the material handling field is to help companies eliminate accidents, build strong skills, increase reliability, and promote people’s ability to make informed choices for safe and efficient operations. Crane Tech, LLC and its employees are committed to achieving excellence and a position of leadership in the material handling training and consulting field.  We honor our customers with superior service and a level of technical expertise unmatched in our field.

Our Vision


To be successful Crane Tech must be a rewarding place to work and provide equal opportunity that encourages our people to reach their maximum potential. Our company works as a team with mutual respect that’s the underpinning for our success. Commitment counts, and Crane Tech’s dedicated staff is the foundation of our growth.


Honesty and hard work are the foundations of our integrity. We will always do what’s right, and understand that trust is the fuel of our growth.  Crane Tech is consistently associated with the highest standards, quality, personal attention to our client’s needs, and integrity.  Our reputation gives us the privilege of working with some of the most demanding requirements implementing proven solutions that work for the long term.


Lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our company. We strive each day to improve our services to meet our client’s needs and achieve their goals. Personal attention and an unwavering commitment to excellence are what distinguish us.  Treating our clients as we, ourselves, want to be treated brings fair, open, and honest relationships. 

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